Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

There are so many “coming of age” and “heart-break” stories around the world that I am hesitant to tell mine. I am no exception to what cruelty of what the world can bring, even though I use to think I was. Just like most other little girls I dreamed of prince charming and thought I was the “one in a million” that I could have any man I wanted and make him behave exactly the way I wanted him to, man was I wrong!

I was raised very strict, growing up on the church pew, where I was told just that; “you can have any man you want” things like “you are so beautiful, when you find that ‘good man’ he will give you everything you want”. I was grounded in my beliefs and given my core morals that I am thankful for but that tight grip caused me to venture out and try things that I “knew better” than to try, it eventually led to complete heartbreak and revealed things in life that I had only heard and times even warned of. Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret it because I have a gorgeous little angel of my own as a result of one of those heart-breaks but if I could paint a picture of how dark life can get when you stray away from your beliefs, this is it…


“Fallen Angel”

Fallen angel in the mirror, I see you reaching out but no one’s there.  What were you thinking of, coming down here? What happens when the light disappears? Was it as fun as you once had feared?

I know your smile hides the loneliness that grows but little angel the world is so cold. I know it once looked so warm safely above where curiosity is born.

But little girl dreams grow up and diamonds and rings they don’t mean so much.

Princes turn to knights who fight for your heart only to place a bid on the next prized art.

And blame always chooses sides when you’re searching for what’s wrong and for what’s right, leaving you with stones of what was once your heart, only good enough to lead you back to the start.

Fallen angel in the mirror that little girl has disappeared, should have warned her to be prepared, time’s a thief who doesn’t care.

Your wing is torn but don’t despair falling down can only mean a fallen angel can have a healed wing.

The heart unmasked that gave you life is the compass that can bring back the light.


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