A Mother’s Words, A Father’s Pride

A Mother’s Words, A Father’s Pride


Three years ago, while I was yet living in IN, I had written down lyrics to help my parents celebrate their 46th anniversary. I had moved back to Ft. Wayne, IN to pursue a degree in performing arts only to become completely side-tracked by infatuation of a smooth talking, charming guy that would later give me my greatest blessing, my Daughter.

Shortly after the birth of my daughter I decided to move back to OK. I did not know then what a blessing that decision would be. I would only have a year with my Father before he passed on Aug. 29/2015, just two months before he and my mom would celebrate their 49th year of marriage.

The following are the lyrics that mean so much more and while they still bring tears, the tears feel a little different.

Mom and Dad

I use to believe the moon followed me and yet somehow those beliefs became dreams, when a couple of teens who fell in love, who were told “no, you’re just too young” began to believe in their silent dreams that carried them through to what seemed like the ending to their decree but through the seeds of life you’ve shown what it means to hold on to a unity.

Every child creates a being when every parent creates a being, a human life of pure possibility setting out for a creative identity.

Because of you we are who we are!

The sacrifice you’ve given, Mama you taught me how to take a leap of faith without seeing the steps in front of me. You have taught me to trust in HIM and gave me my wings.

You planted the seeds to encourage my dreams, Dad the support for a family is the evidence of your love. The truth can sometimes hurt but will set you free is yet another lesson of love you have taught me.

Now every October I’m reminded how blessed a life I have that the one’s who sacrificed so much for me are celebrating a unity.

Because of you, were are who we are!

Seeing what you gave so that the moon still fallows me, lighting the way to my dreams is inspiration enough to believe in a traditional love, held together sacrifice and with a Mother’s words and a Father’s pride.

You’ve paved the way to who I am today, because you’ve shown me what it means to always return to the one who can love you for who you are. Now year after year I’m proud to say my parents love guided me along the way.

Because of you, we are who we are!

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Just Start Already

Just Start Already

Creativeness is both a curse and a blessing.

While a non-creative individual relies on facts and logic, a creative person can usually have ideas that seem to pop up out of no where and spill out onto paper, out of mouths, or onto hair.

Whether your canvass is a blank piece of paper or an actual canvass you understand the feelings of being stuck, being inspired to create and giving your all, just to experience the feelings of insecurities that keep you hiding those creations and sharing them with only yourself or if you’re really feeling secure you may share with those closest to you; only to watch their every facial expression awaiting for their approval or criticism.

Today, I have decided that it’s beyond time to stop being scared of what others may think of the most private parts of my being and share a little about who I am, so I have accepting a challenge by  called “Define Yourself as a Writer: the 2015 October Platform Challenge” in attempt to overcome fears and maybe discover a little more about me along the way.

Day 1:

Who am I?

Crystal Grace Gordon

Positions: hairstylist, Mother to a ornery sixteen month old baby girl, student and soon to be cosmetology instructor, member of a wonderful choir, and aspiring songwriter and author.

Skills: Creative writing (poetry and fiction), song writing and composing,  voice, acting, event organizing, cosmetology, and teaching.

Interests: Setting a Godly example for my daughter, music, writing, and hair.

Who I am: I am a creative writer, a single mother, and a lifetime learner.