Letters to a Ghost

I use to write letters to my future husband from the time I was a little girl to well in my late twenties when I discovered that those letters were simply wishes of what I wanted in a husband.

In the world of dating, life happened and I had a beautiful daughter that made me realize that what I wanted from a husband had changed and those letters I wrote were to someone who was no more than a ghost.

Letters to a Ghost 

Dear Husband, I may not know who you are but I write to you with dreams of a fairytale life. I’ll wear a white dress and you, my prince, will come and sweep me away to another time.


Dear Husband, my dream has been taken away, for you I did not wait. You see, I met a boy who said he was you but my heart he did break. He promised the world with a lie that allowed him to steal the gem that to belonged to you.


Dear Husband, I think we have met! You are so kind with no judgement of my past and for you my heat beats as I learn to be the woman you want of me, But wait, I no longer know who I am and time and space is now all you need from me.


Dear future husband, where have you been hiding? Where did you take my life long dream? I now have a family that will immediately make the two of us three. Will you still love me when we meet?


Dear Husband, I have found that you are memories of a life I used to dream. I hope you think of me in the life you lead. I hope that you watch out for my daughter and me and pray that I stumble no more over my emotional feet.

Dear Ghostly Husband of mine, I know life happened and meeting was a mountain neither one of us could climb. So I’m writing this letter as a final good-bye. 

Letters to a ghost, I can no longer write!  


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