It’s Not About Me

A writing challenge poem where each line begins with the first letter of your first name, 20 lines, and it can’t be about you. I did what I could…


Colors of fall have me thinking creatively

Creativity flows from inspiration hidden candidly

Candid in a way that shares just enough Curiosity

Curious enough to add a little mystery.

Can’t you see the tapestry cooling

Cooling off from the summers heat, fall almost looks as is it’s conspiring

Conspiracy to rest and make plans for the covering

Coverings from the blankets of snow that will warm the colors from the cold

Coldness that is a surfaced blanket above the warmth, what a beauty.

Chilled and then freezing that displays control

Control of the Artist that sets it all into motion like a circling carousel

Circling like a carousel in a gliding motion that almost gives a sense of certainty

Certainly the seasons will come and go but fall, fall is the prettiest of all.

Can you imagine what it would mean if all the beauty of the season ceased?

Ceased to exist and forever forced to live in a heat that was constant

Constantly wanting a different scene constantly longing for a change

Change to take place in an evening  of calling

Calling from season to season begging to be renewed.

Clutching my jacket as I embrace the change of this circle

Circling in motion as I rest for the day falling into sleep as I watch the leaves bed the day.


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