When I was younger I would often wonder why certain people stood out and others didn’t. I would wonder if I was going to a person that would be just a “space filler” or someone who would be remembered throughout history.

As I thought about the individuals who made their mark, I began to realize that they are the individuals that took a step outside of the norm, they are the one’s who didn’t care that others ridiculed and doubted them. If they did care they hid it by holding their heads high, swallowing their fear and pressing on until they changed what needed to be changed, said what needed to be said, and lived their lives the way they we’re called to live their lives.

As life went on, I forgot about that inspiration and allowed the fear of criticism and rejection to leave my songs and lyrics hanging out on my bedroom floor when the fear of rejection is nothing compared to some of the fears that our heroes in history faced. No one except those very close to me have ever seen my pages of rhyming words that show a little piece of who I am and how I think. That is until now, I have decided that I want to be a mark in history, I don’t want to be a space filler. The following lyrics are about just that, being unique.



Standing in themiddle of a worldly crowd, watching desperate people crying out

while picking up the pieces that can’t seem to be found

Where is the leader inside of us bound and when will it find the good to step out?

Forgive me as I start this rioting sound but…


I dance the beat of a different drum

I sing to the rhythm of my own song

I dream every day of what would become as I wait for the light and a new break of dawn


What would you do if you could just break out

And let the soul inside of you take its destined route

Would you dance, would you sing, would you leap and shout

What would you do if people didn’t look down?

What would you do if it was only allowed?


Would you dance to the beat of a different drum

Sing to the rhythm of your own song

Dream every day of what will become

While waiting for the light and a new break of dawn?


If everyone wondered what could be and no one found their ground to be free

By what light would we see, Just what would history mean?


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